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public servant. poor man's hacker, writer, investor. founder, EthosLabs.us. prof, @uchicago. ex CDO LA; ex CIO Sacramento; ex ED @codeforamerica.

Hi, my name is Abhi Nemani, and I'm a fan of technology, government, and interesting ideas.

I started my career helping launch, build, and run a non-profit called Code for America, whose interesting idea is that a government of the people, by the people, can work in the 21st Century.

After that I worked full-time in local government: first, I served as the City of Los Angeles' first Chief Data Officer, building technology to improve the lives of the residents of our second largest city, and later Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento appointed me interim Chief Innovation Officer to build out the city's budding startup sector, through venture investments, grants, and partnerships.

Currently, I run a GovTech consultancy called EthosLabs, designed to accelerator good government through great technology. I'm helping cities and startups across the country work together at scale and work better for residents. I am also helping looking ahead, training the next generation of leaders by building and teaching a first-of-its-kind Civic Technology course at the University of Chicago.

Beyond that, I've been thinking about things, ranging from political philosophy and cities to data-driven policy and civic tech, and I have gotten the opportunity to travel around the world to see first-hand how public life everywhere is changing — which makes me excited about what's ahead.

I try (my best) to write things down.

When I do, I'll post them here, along with the standard stuff: bio, talks, press mentions, etc.

For anything else, just ask: @abhinemani or [email protected].

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