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Abhi Nemani is a government technology advisor, educator, and community builder who has helped found and lead Code for America, Los Angeles' Office of Data & Analytics, and Sacramento's Office of Innovation. Now, his consultancy,, helps entrepreneurs and investors in government technology ("GovTech") get to scale through growth strategies, unparalleled access to decision-makers, and years of research and best practices. Let's work together.
Consultant: Marketing, Product & M/A

As both an operator and an investor in government technology for nearly 15 years, and as someone who helped spearhead digital transformation in local government, I bring a differentiated perspective to investors (VC, Growth, PE, etc), philanthropies, and others trying to make an outsized impact in the industry.

Educator: #CivicTech Best Practices

Based on the experience of 12+ years leading and teaching the government technology field, the Civic Technology Academy features guides and resources for anyone, anywhere getting started or getting to scale, working in public innovation.

Civic Technology Academy

Investor & Advisor: Financing GovTech

EthosLabs helps for-profit startups and non-profit groups find financing and sustainability models for scale. Ethos directly invests in organizations or provides investment advice for banks, philanthropies, investors, and other groups in the public sector.

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