Civic Tech Career Resources

Find opportunities to learn more, as well as jobs, funding, mentorship, and much, much more

Advice for Starting in CivicTech / GovTech

“More Than ‘Good Enough for Government Work’” // Updated November 2021: Overview of strategies and specific resources for getting hired or promoted in civic technology, inside government, in the private sector, and in academia/philanthropy.

Fellowships, Graduate Programs

Graduate programs: UChicago MS-CAPP , Digital@HKS , Smart Communities @ Pepperdine , NYU CUSP

Fellowships: CfA Community, Civic Digital Fellowship, Fuse Corps, Coro Fellowship, Presidential Innovation Fellowship, Georgetown US Digital Corpos

Public Sector Jobs (or volunteer roles): Public Interest Job Board, US Digital Response, USDS & 18F

Networks: ELGL, GovLoop

Capital sources & Accelerators

Funds: GovTech Fund, UrbanX

Foundations: Knight, Luminate, Omidyar

Accelerators: PUBLIC, SmartCityX

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Weekly, curated list of jobs, links, and commentary in government technology and innovation… With an editorial take:

Book Recommendations

(The last two are arguably less practical, but still formative.)

What’s Next?

Recognizing that your time in public office will eventually come to an end — fellowships end, elections happen — it is just as important to plan on how to take advantage of your experience for your career. Here are some tips for ending your tour of service you should consider even when you begin:

Presented for Coding it Forward fellows in September 2021