"Nemani said how, if you look at GDS's principles, there's almost a one-to-one mapping between theirs and the 12 agile principles that are listed on the Agile Alliance's website; that there's a lot of overlap between what's really at the core of the Agile Manifesto and at the core of GDS's principles, which he said makes sense. 'It makes sense because the agile community, GDS, and a lot of the other people thinking about government innovation are thinking about user-centered design,' he said. 'They're thinking about the user experience for government software and realizing that that matters. They're realizing that the way in which we build software for users in the government context matters. The point I wanted to make by calling out the GDS as a really effective model is that there's a reason to have optimism. There's a reason to hope, because we're seeing change happen.'"