Letting governments build their own workflows on CityGrows

Accessible and affordable workflow automation for local governments to replace paper forms and pdfs in minutes

From dot.LA: It takes about 19 minutes for a business owner to fill-out, receive and print a city of Los Angeles sidewalk permit application. The result of a program launched by CityGrows in late May. As long as the applicant completes the form and agrees to city requirements, a permit is issued immediately.


CityGrows is a values-driven company with a mission to transform and improve government. CityGrows was incorporated in 2015 and began providing digital permitting and licensing for governments in 2016. The City of Santa Monica, CA was our first government partner. CityGrows has grown to support counties and municipalities in California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Massachusetts. CityGrows provide services to governments as large as the City of Los Angeles and as small as Emsworth, PA.

What They Do

CityGrows is workflow automation software for local governments. Governments digitize and automate their workflows from start to finish, and improve operational efficiency, transparency, and compliance. The CityGrows platform allows any government employee – regardless of technical skill – to structure and improve their workflows by collecting information from the public, automating constituent communications, processing online payments, and managing everything through our smart dashboard. CityGrows believes in transparency in software pricing for government and developed our subscription/ payment processing revenue model in collaboration with our government clients and our investors.

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How I Help

As an flagship example of low-code or no-code tools for government, CityGrows seemed like a natural fit for the portfolio, and I knew both co-founders, Catherine and Stephen, from my time in Los Angeles, where they both were active in Hack for LA, and other civic technology initiatives. I was an early angel investor, and continue to support the team as an advisor.