How We Help

The government technology industry is not only one of the most important but also one of the most exciting: so much opportunity for impact and revenue. I have helped build, grow, and advise some of the most successful companies and local governments use technology for good.

Having sat on both sides of the table, I know who to talk to and how; what's working and what's not; and best practices to get the job done. So I'm here to help.
Government Technology Advising & Workshops

GovTech entrepreunship is on the rise. But more support is needed to get to the next phase of GovTech industry. Large or small companies need help understanding the market and — more importantly — the players in it to grow either through sales or investment. Moreover, most tech companies overlook the way they can work with government. That's what we offer at EthosLabs: concrete strategy and implementation on go-to-market, product, and growth.

Ethos-supported startups have closed venture capital financing rounds (Series A and B), have seen significant growth (>500%) in ARR, or finalized successful exits.

Tech & Innovation Trainings (Cities, Electeds, Campaigns, etc)

Leveraging my experience building and teaching a first-of-its-kind Civic Technology course at the University of Chicago, along with my practical training experience at Code for America and within government, and my experience as the Co-Chair of the Tech and Innovation Committee with the Newsom Gubernatorial Campaign, EthosLabs offer trainings (lectures, retreats, etc) for institutions looking to get a firm grasp on the GovTech industry and how local governments are changing — getting smarter (or not) — in the 21st Century.

Industry and Market Insight

As both an operator and an investor in government technology for nearly 15 years, and as someone who helped spearhead digital transformation in local government, I bring a differentiated perspective to investors (VC, Growth, PE, etc), philanthropies, and others trying to make an outsized impact in the industry.

Pricing & Partnerships

EthosLabs' engagements are typically project based — for instance, developing a go-to-market strategy or M/A support/research — and the pricing depends on the length and type of organization. Standard rates are lower for non-profit, startups, and government, and compensation and scoping can be hourly, project-based, or equity-based.