How We Help

The opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthopists to make a difference in communities keeps growing. Ethos helped over a dozen organizations grow their impact in the U.S. and internationally. We know who to talk to and how; what's working and what's not; and best practices to get the job done.
Investor Industry Insight

Want to know what the market thinks about a potential acquition? Ethos' network of all the major cities across the country provides unprecedented insight. We bring a differentiated perspective to investors (VC, Growth, PE, etc), philanthropies, and others trying to make an outsized impact in the industry.

GovTech Startup Growth & Scale

Ethos-supported startups have closed venture capital financing rounds (Series A and B), have seen significant growth (>500%) in ARR, or finalized successful exits.

City/Urban Policy (Cities, Electeds, Campaigns, etc)

EthosLabs offer best practices and advice for institutions looking to get a firm grasp on the GovTech industry and how local governments are changing — getting smarter (or not) — in the 21st Century.

Pricing & Partnerships

EthosLabs' engagements are typically project based — for instance, developing a go-to-market strategy or M/A support/research — and the pricing depends on the length and type of organization. Standard rates are lower for non-profit, startups, and government, and compensation and scoping can be hourly, project-based, or equity-based.