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I'm a fan of technology, government, and interesting ideas. So I've been thinking about things, ranging from political philosophy and cities to data-driven policy and civic tech, and I have gotten the opportunity to travel around the world to see first-hand how public life everywhere is changing — which makes me excited about what's ahead.


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Small (City) Pieces, Loosely Joined

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What I have learned from my many teachers

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Why We Do the Work.

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Making Presentations from Spreadsheets

You Wouldn’t Understand Because You’re Not Actually a Public Servant!

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7 Tactics for 21st Century Cities

The Trumpet Summons Us Again

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Bowling Alone and Living with Others

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My friend Jake

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open data as a means with many ends

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Putting the law in the palm of your hand

My favorite books of essays

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Let’s build some infrastructure to make things matter even more.

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Looking at things in many different ways

Opening Data to Improve Public Health

What Kenya Reminded Me about Technology and the Liberal Arts