SPIDRTech: How GTM Research Shaped Product Strategy

Starting with a simple text reminders, SPIDR Tech's platform now enables realtime communication and feedback between the community and government

Founded by former law enforcement officers, SPIDRTech was established to help law enforcement agencies leverage their own data to improve their public perception, increase their efficiency, and save money. The founders of SPIDRTech believed that new communications technologies could boost trust with communities, and they buil a (platform to push messages out to residents regarding law enforcement activity. Unlike mass communicatoins, SPIDR’s messages are personalized for the resident for the specific problem they have.

Communications and Trust

In 2017, I joined SPIDRTech as an advisor, helping the team in small ways when I could. My role grew significantly when I was brought on board to drive the go-to-market strategy for existing projects, effectively serving as a temporary Chief Product Officer.

I leveraged my extensive network of city leaders, including CIOs, City Managers, and Mayors, to gain valuable insights into how to position SPIDRTech’s product in the market. Through this market research, we identified a problem: positioning the SPIDRTech technology as a one-size-fits-all “platform” was not resonating with cities that already had different pieces of the law enforcement citizen engagement stack.

Recognizing this challenge, we decided to rethink our product strategy. We unbundled the platform into three distinct products, better catering to the varying needs of different cities. This change involved minimal technical adjustments, but it demanded a significant shift in our marketing, messaging, and sales approach.

Go-to-market strategy development unveiled product strategy – seen below – which materialized, quickly, on the website, marketing materials, etc. The transformation of the company from one platform to multiple solutions was done within 3 months.

SPIDRTech Product Breakdown

This new strategy and product vision led to phenomenal growth for SPIDRTech. The company saw increased adoption of its products and ultimately experienced a successful exit to Versaterm. I’m proud to have played a part in this transformation and to have contributed to the growth and success of a company dedicated to improving communication and trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.