Restoring Trust in Law Enforcement Through Better Data

Using sophisticated sentiment analysis tools and a creative set of approaches, these companies are changing the way many law enforcement agencies work — through better data

Technology to Restore Trust in Public Safety agencies.

Which starts with listening and responding… Over the past 3 yeras, I haveI partnered with SPIDRTech, then POLCO, which has partnered with Guardian Alliance, and then ZenCity, which acquired ELUCD. All of these companies and initiatives have centered around using social media (and other community engagement channels) to determine and influence policy.

The confluence of Sentiment Analysis and Public Safety

Stepping back, however, we can see how these have come together as distinct but connected approaches to responsiveness — which indeed suggests a broader trend: the evolution of general tools like surveys and social media analysis for deeper engagement and insight for specific, high profile agencies in key areas, such as police departments and law enforcement generallly.

More to the point, as govtech startups go deeper into a public sector vertical (e.g., law enforcement) opportunties to use more general horizontal government or private sector approaches will emerge. These opportunties should be product or strategy decisions for exisitng players and a guidestar for new entreprenuers.

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Social Media and Sentiment Analysis

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