“This isn’t just good data for data’s sake,” Garcetti said in a release. “I’m invested in harnessing the power of our open data to make city hall run better, provide better services to Angelenos, and improve quality of life here in L.A."

Garcetti piloted the projects in August with such civic tech experts as Abhi Nemani, formerly CfA’s co-executive director who now serves as Los Angeles’ chief data officer, and Peter Marx, the city’s chief innovation technology officer.

Nemani said the next steps are to prioritize the expansion of the city’s open data foundation through additional data sets and digital tools.

"That means publishing more and more data sets, as well as accelerating our pace of update, improving its accessibility, and building tools that make it simple and easy to engage with the data," Nemani said. "What’s next for open data is making it even more real-time, understandable and actionable."