From empathy to the ecosystem, from data to delivery, and from startups to sustainability… A master class on leveraging technology — software, data, and design — for the public good.

The Civic Technology Course at the University of Chicago is part product, part theory, and part technical, with a focus on the characteristics unique to public interest tech. There were 16 lectures total delivered between April and June 2019. Slides from each class are posted here for viewing, sharing, or downloading, per a Free Culture license.


Lecture 1: What is Civic Tech? (pdf)

Lecture 2-3: Empathy and the Ecosystem (pdf)

Lecture 4-5: Lean Civic Tech (pdf)

Lecture 6: How Civic Data Works (pdf)

Lecture 7: Why and Where Open Data (pdf)

Lecture 8: Which and How Open Data (pdf)

Lecture 9: Optimizing Open Data (pdf)

Lecture 10: Open Data, Simply Seen (pdf)

Lecture 11: Digital Services, an Introduction (pdf)

Lecture 12: Digital Services, Where and How (pdf)

Lecture 13: Getting to Users (pdf)

Lecture 14: Procurement, Challenges and Opportunities (pdf)

Lecture 15-16: Sustainability (pdf)