Public Innovation Resources

Find opportunities to learn more, as well as jobs, funding, mentorship, and much, much more

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Book Recommendations

Lean Startup . Democracy in America . Thinking with Type . Cognitive Surplus . The Information . Civc Technologist’s Practice Guide . We the Possibility .

Learn more about GovTech (generally)

University of Chicago Gov/Civic Tech Course: I built and taught a Civic Technology course for graduate students as a primer for a career in public interest technology for non-technical and technical people alike. The lecture presentations are freely available online for review (or reuse!)

Lectures (16 in total, ranging from the GovTech ecosystem and open data to user centered design and lean methodologies)

Reading List (for a deeper dive)

City Hall 101 (deck)

Trends (blog)

Learn more about dashboards & data

Building the LA Mayoral Dashboard (essay)

Beyond Transparency : Book I helped publish while I was at CfA in 2013, but still relevant now.

The future of open data (essay & keynote)

Thought Leadership about the GovTech Ecosystem

Government is what we make of it (essay & keynote) : how to make government more responsive with an “architecture of participation”

Small (City) Pieces, Loosely Joined : my vision for the future GovTech ecosystem full of SaaS providers that governments can mix and match for their technology needs

Open Data, Digital Services, and Citizen Engagement

Advice for GovTech Entrepreneurs

Opportunity of the GovTech Market (TechCrunch guest post)

Disruption as a Public Service (essay & keynote)

Selling to the C-Suite (Deck)

Pricing Strategy (blog)

Sustainability Models (Deck)

Capital sources & Accelerators

Foundations: Knight, Luminate, Omidyar

Funds: GovTech Fund , UrbanX )

Accelerators: PUBLIC, SmartCityX

Other: Interested angels (former GT founders, local leaders, and individuals with civic/local interests)

Civic Innovation Resources

Primer on 21st Century Cities

HBS Cases regarding Public Innovation compiled by Mitch Weiss, which can be found in his wonderful book, We the Possible

US Conference of Mayor’s Innovation Committee


Civic Tech Field Guide

City Analytics Network Case studies

eRepublic sites: Governing,

Code for America projects

Foundation projects: Knight , Luminate , Omidyar

Advice for People Wanting to Get into Government / Civic / Public Innovation**

“Being Better than ‘Good Enough for Government Work’” (deck): My overview of strategies and specific resources for getting hired or promoted in GovTech

“GovGeek Interactive Guide: How to be a poor man’s hacker”: My compilation of easy, free, and insanely useful online tools any government person can and should use

Graduate programs: UChicago MS-CAPP , [email protected] , Smart Communities @ Pepperdine , NYU CUSP

Fellowships: CfA Community, Civic Digital Fellowship, Fuse Corps, Coro Fellowship, Presidential Innovation Fellowship, Georgetown

Networks/Jobs: ELGL,, GovLoop , Public Interest Job Board (also USDS & 18F are seemingly always hiring)