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Abhi Nemani

technological optimist and political philosophy nerd. writer, speaker, hacker and maker. founder, EthosLabs.us; fmr CIO, City of Sacramento; CDO, @lamayorsoffice; @codeforamerica; @google.

"Abhi Nemani, the co-executive director at Code for America which connects technology professionals with city governments, echoed these concerns. The way he sees it, the current federal procurement process '[doesn't] bring in fresh new talent.' Instead, Nemani explained, 'it goes toward established vendors,” and “these are companies designed to take advantage of the system.'...

'Procurement’s a problem,' he said, “but it’s changing.” He points to the city of Philadelphia as an ideal example, which has begun dabbling with GitHub as a way to procure technology solutions. He also cites the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as a model for well-designed public-facing websites.

'I worry that people think the government can’t build good technology,' Nemani said. 'That’s wrong, it can.'"