Boosting Government Responsiveness with Data Science

Helping ZenCity Make AI Real, and Really Useful for Small Cities


Specifically designed as an intuitive tool for local governments, Zencity uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to help transform millions of data points into meaningful actionable insights. With minimal setup, negligible time and effort, and low management overhead - Zencity integrates rapidly, while seamlessly pulling data from existing platforms and a multitude of open-data sources - often containing hundreds of previously unexplored data channels. This enables local governments to more intelligently support impactful, long-term planning. On top of that, we alert about trends as they emerge, enabling city and county leaders to maximize proactivity and stay ahead of crises. Our dedicated team of analysts is on board to assist local government agencies and department heads seeking a more personalized, hands-on solution.

Why I Like Them

AI and “big data” are terms thrown at public administrators at conferences, in industry publications, and through their inbox. (I know this firsthand.) But most “AI” vendors fail to illustrate concrete, short-term outcomes. ZenCity does not. Pulling together all the inputs a city has — 311, social media, etc — the ZenCity Platform helps City Managers, Council-members, and agency leaders understand what their residents are saying, but not in a general way: instead, local decision makers can see local opinion organized aptly by local issues. That’s a “smart city” solution any government can use.

What We Did Together

Starting in 2017, I worked closely with the Tel Aviv-based founders, Eyal and Ido, particularly on their U.S. expansion and product/market fit. What I thought was going to be a quick strategy engagement became an exciting partnership — and friendship — and I continue on as an advisor. In recent years, ZenCity has grown to over 100 local government partners, and acquired Elucd, another citizen sentiment government technology company, with a focus on law enforcement to build out a vertical focus to augment its horizontal platform.