Simple, usually free tools to make your life much easier

A GovGeek’s Toolkit

You may feel hamstrung in your agency by the software tools and systems your agency has procured: very sophisticated and customized software – that may sometimes feel more like a cage than a toolkit. Fortunately, hundreds to thousands of simple online tools have emerged to make your life easier: from a 5 minute solution to make a permitting form to a range of ready-to-go templates for your next program or initiative. This list is constantly changing, and can be found here: https://abhinemani.com/hacks

Poor Man's Hacks

(Note: Credit to Steve Ressler, the founder of GovLoop, who asked me to give this talk once, joking named “poor man’s hacks” for their annual GovLoop conference. To my suprise, the room was packed. So I have delivered in the years since, and have kept this list growing. The name stuck.)

If you’re interested in learning more about these examples, don’t hesitate to get in touch