City Hall 101

An Introduction on How Local Governments Works


Whether you sell to government or not, your startup is going to be bound up in the public sector wherever you are and whatever you do. The question you have is to take advantage of it or not. That’s what 21st Century “public affairs” or “government relations” or whatever you want to call it: Being Smart About Working with Cities.

In the US alone, governments spend over $200B annually on technology, and that only scrapes the surface of the technology industries they affect in their jurisdictions: logistics, mobility, drones, social, communication, etc. You may not know of an angle to engage a public agency, but there is. Knowing how governments work, and what opportunities they hold, are essential for 21st century entrepreneurship. Having worked with hundreds of cities, here’s how to work with local governments: for approval, revenue, or (ideally) both

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