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Abhi Nemani

[email protected] | 618.322.2220 | abhinemani.com | medium.com/@abhinemani


Jennifer Pahlka

[email protected] | 415-420-2933

Professional Reference (Supervisor): Founder, Code for America; Former US Deputy CTO; Co-Founder, US Digital Response

Rick Cole

[email protected] | 805-901-4284

Professional Reference (Supervisor): Former City Manager, City of Santa Monica; Former Deputy Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Kevin Johnson

[email protected] | 916-275-9507

Professional Reference (Supervisor): Former Mayor, City of Sacramento | Founder, St. Hope

Paul Hurley

[email protected] | 909-607-7140

Personal Reference (Academic): Sexton Professor of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College

Robert Sofman

[email protected] | 415-786-4119

Personal Reference (Colleague): Former Co-Executive Director, Code for America | Personal Reference

Nick Warshaw

[email protected] | 310.614.9171

Personal Reference (Peer): Claremont McKenna College, Class of 2009; Associate, Orson Remcho